3-Piece Triad Series


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Triad Series ball valves feature live loaded stem seals and a redundant body seal design. Available in full and standard port models, these rugged, high pressure 3-piece valves are ideal for process, severe service, high temperature, and high cycle applications.


    • Valve Sizes 1/4” through 4”
    • Anti-Static Protection
    • End Connections:
      • Threaded ASME B1.20.1 NPT
      • Socket Weld ASME B16.11
      • Extended Socket Weld
      • Butt Weld ASME B16.25
      • Extended Butt Weld
      • Flanged Class 600
      • ASME B16.10
      • ASME B16.5
    • Pressure Ratings Models FP & SP: 2200 psi WOG
    • Temperature Range: -50°F to 550°F (-46°C to 287°C)
    • Ball Materials: CF8M Stainless Steel
    • Applications: Process, Steam, Fire Safe, Industrial Gases
    • Fire Safe: API 607-4 Certified

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