PTFE Hoses

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PTFE hoses that help our customers manage corrosion, batch purity, thermal cycling and a whole host of other tough, harsh operating conditions in their process applications. The hoses comes in (3000 psi), high and ultra high pressure (6000 psi), convoluted, smooth bore and rubber covered hose. We also stock various styles of fittings and adaptors. Custom designed fittings are available on request.


    • SB - Medium Pressure Smooth Bore Hose

    • MHP – Medium High Pressure Smooth Bore Hose

    • HP – High Pressure Smooth Bore Hose

    • WCP – Convoluted Pressure Rated Hose

    • UHP – Ultra High Pressure Smooth Bore Hose

    • CHL – Chlorine Transfer Hose

    • WCV – Convoluted Vacuum Rated Hose

    • RC – Rubber Covered Hose

    • SJ – Steam Transfer Hose

    • MTL – Lined Metal Hose

    • FT – Flared-Tube Hose

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