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Pneumatic Temperature Control Pilots - Series 315 PNT For Shop Quality Air

The Series 315 PNT Pneumatic Temperature pilots are designed for applications such as refineries and factories, or others where rapidly changing load requirements occur. Pneumatic temperature pilots provide greater accuracy than self-contained temperature pilots. An Air Pressure Pilot, an Air PRV Regulator and a Series 2000 Main Valve Steam Regulator must be used with the Model 315 PNT.

  • Lightweight, compact size prevents strain on mounting pipes
  • Can be remotely located from the Main Valve and Air Pressure Pilot
  • Bi-metallic temperature sensing
  • Bulb options:Brass, PTFE Coated Brass, & Stainless Steel
  • Direct or reverse acting modes of operation
  • Optional wells (for brass bulb models only) allow bulb removal without draining system
  • Air Consumption 0.50 scfm (.014m3)

Supply Air Pressure

  • Nominal 18 psig (1.2 bar)
  • Minimum 12 psig (0.8 bar)
  • Maximum 36 psig (2.4 bar)

Signal pressure at set-point temperature - 50% of supply pressure

  • 9 psig (0.6 bar) at nominal supply pressure
  • 6 psig (0.4 bar) at minimum supply pressure
  • 18 psig (1.2 bar) at maximum supply pressure

Temperature Control Range

  • 50-300°F (10-149°C)
  • 200-450°F (93-232°C)

Accuracy of control ± 4°F (± 2.2°C) with system recirculation

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