Series 100 to 162 Stainless Steel Hose

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Series 100 hose assemblies have set the standard for quality in the metal hose industry since the early 1900’s. Made with a unique oil-free process, Senior Flexonics produces the cleanest assemblies in the industry. No degreasing time is required prior to fabrication of our assemblies, which simplifies the cleaning procedure for oxygen-certified hose assemblies. Stringent production and quality control procedures produce assemblies that have a true omega profile corrugation that is consistently uniform and held to tight tolerances. Every Senior Flexonics hose assembly is pressure tested to ensure leak-free operation. When customers insist on top quality at an affordable price, our Series 100 is the obvious choice for unsurpassed dependability. Various hose assemblies are available for immediate shipment from our fabricating facilities.


    • Max. Working Pressure: full vacuum to 3190 psig (depending on size and braid configuration)
    • Temperature: Cryogenic to 1250 
    • Construction: T321 and T316L stainless steel annular hose with Series 300 stainless steel braid
    • Sizes: ¼” to 18″

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