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Low Water Cut-off
Fuel Economizer

The RBT-3000 is a combination Low-Water Safety Cut-Off and Fuel-Saving controller for residential heating systems. The Low Water Cut-Off is specifically designed to provide burner cut-off if there is an unsafe water loss, which can result in a broken or leaking radiator or pipe, or a cracked section in the boiler. The energy saving feature reduces: fuel consumption, wear on boiler parts and burner emissions, by activelymanaging the burner cycling, in conjunction with the boiler operating-control to the to properly match boiler-output to the required load. This controler indicates actual savings on burner cycly by cycle basis and also indicates the averages of these cycles. All programmable parameters are stored in non-volatile memory.

• For hot water boilers up to 400,000 BTU imput
• Reduces fuel consumption an average of 10% to 20%
• Reduces maintenance and extends boiler life
• Increased savings without replacing existing controls
• Illuminated LCD Display
• Fail-safe operation
• Pre-programming for most installations
• Easily installed plug-in sensors
• LWCo test button
• 20,000 ohms probe sensitivity
• Self-cleaning probe

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