Madok Steam Distributing Coils "Freeze Resistant"


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Supply pre-heat, outside air tempering, and modulating steam applications are typical uses for steam distributing coils. Madok’s tube-within-tube design, steam distributing coils provide a level of protection against freezing in low-temp applications.

What is the difference between a steam coil and a steam distribution coil? 
Steam coils are circuited like standard water coils, designed for applications where the entering air temperature is 13 degrees Celsius (55 degrees Fahrenheit) or higher and are not suited for outside entering air. Steam distribution coils are manufactured for low temperature applications with a tube within tube design. Steam entering the header is distributed to the inner tubes. From the inner tubes the steam is then distributed through small holes or “Steam Jets”. These Steam Jets are directionally punched, so that the steam helps push the condensate in the outer tube toward the outlet connection. The main decision in deciding what coil to use is entering air temperature

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