FTE Series Float & Thermostatic Traps


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FTE Series of ball float and thermostatic traps can be supplied in cast iron, cast steel, stainless steel and S.G. iron body materials. All ball float traps are fitted with an integral balanced pressure type thermostatic air went. The FTE Series is available with horizontal in line connections. However, in case of FTE-14 sizes 1/2”, 3/4”, the position of body can be changed to suit different flow directions like left to right, top to bottom or right to left. A steam lock release (SLR) option is available to FTE Series Traps.


    • High Capacities
    • Rugged cast iron, ductile iron or cast steel body and cover
    • Stainless steel thermostatic element eliminates air binding
    • Stainless steel float and lever mechanism
    • Below condensate level seat design prevents steam leakage
    • Resistant to water hammer and corrosion
    • In-line repairable

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