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BURKS close coupled turbine pumps, Series CT, 3450 (60Hz) and 2900 (50Hz) R.P.M. and 4CT, 1725 R.P.M. are available for capacities up to 8 g.p.m. (0.50 L.P.S.) - pressures up to 150 p.s.i. (1034 kpa) and temperatures up to 225°F (107°C), come with standard mechanical shaft seal. Special shaft seals are available for higher temperatures and fluids other than water.

These compact turbine pumps are designed for pumping clear water and many other non-abrasive, lower viscosity liquids. They are especially engineered for boiler feed on steam process applications and will serve up to a 38 hp. boiler at a 3 to 1 safety factor. Available in bronze fitted as standard. All bronze or stainless steel construction also available. These pumps are recommended for many application requiring higher pressures and lower capacities.

BURKS is the only turbine pump with Life-Lok ® External Impeller Adjustment feature that allows readjustment of impeller without disturbing piping, disassembling pump or replacing parts. Gives up to 40% longer service life than turbine pumps of other designs.

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